iPhone 5c: Marketing the New Standard in Digital Photography

Apple’s newest iPhone model, the 5c, with enhanced camera features.

Who would have ever imagined that mobile phones would become the standard for digital photography?  As Apple and other various phone companies work to enhance camera capabilities in newer phone designs, the fight for the best camera phone on the market is getting increasingly competitive.

With competition between phone manufacturers surging, mobile technology marketers have an opportunity to capture new audiences and encourage them to upgrade their phones to keep up with the latest trends in picture capturing, editing and sharing.

Apple’s newest iPhone, the 5c, boasts an 8MP iSight camera, which the company states, “delivers startlingly sharp photo quality thanks to features like a sophisticated five‑element lens. And panorama, which lets you get stunning high‑resolution shots…” Companies, such as Apple, have spent significant efforts on improving camera features and utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance the user experience.

Conversely, mobile application companies have capitalized on the trend of photo editing and sharing by creating hundreds of thousands of applications to enhance picture quality and make sharing photos effortless.

Users expect the iPhone to be able to make calls, send text messages, update email inboxes and come loaded with games.  But now, users are now expecting mobile phones to capture life’s most precious moments, leaving technology companies scrambling to figure out how to market to a new segment of cell phone users: the photographers.

Today, iPhone technology has replaced traditional camera use.  Looking at data from the photo sharing website Flickr, most of the photos shared come from an iPhone 5.

Mobile technology marketers ought to position newer phones as focused on being a camera first.  Since almost everyone uses their phones to take pictures, marketers should effortlessly show how their phone makes capturing, editing and sharing photos simple and appealing.

Apple places emphasis on it’s camera features, but could benefit from playing up the easy to use features and high-quality picture capability. In my opinion, the iPhone provides the most user-friendly photo app with the highest quality.  With the click of a couple buttons, photos are easily shared across multiple social media platforms. The applications that Apple offers for editing and sharing are easy to use and aesthetically appealing.  Additionally, Apple frequently introduces software upgrades that enhance the camera features even more.

Applications such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter encourage users to share photos instantly through smartphone technology.  Why not create an advertising campaign focused on the popularity of mobile applications to target the photographer demographic? That being said, Apple’s camera phone technology proves to be a cut above the rest.

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